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Digital Services

From our practical experience we have registered significant successes using our Smart Working Tools. Not only high value-add potential and rapid amortization of tools, such as k.INSTRUCT in the context of repairs and operations, are the convincing factors. The significant simplification of complex processes reduces errors and increases occupational safety and satisfaction. The motivating effect on employees might be substantial.


As part of MRO processes (Maintenance, Repair, Operations) companies can establish new, innovative processes and structures. For example, digital services: A new segmentation is offered for machine or system manufacturers. Service employees will be trained to use k.REMOTE to carry out on-site maintenance together with the manufacturer's remote team in the future. This pays off: the service Employee of a manufacturer can usually resolve one case on-site at the customer within one, or at more distant locations within three days. He can now handle several cases per day remotely from wherever he is. For the first time this provides the option to sell After Sale Service using a „software as a service“ licensing model and generating constant cash flow. Similar savings can be realized for assembly scenarios.
















* ø Industrial wage 32.00 € plus incidental wage costs 36% = 43.50 €

**  modern CNC machine tool, cost approx. 500,000 Euro Utilization 16 hrs. / day.  malfunction: two shifts until repair

***   ø Industrial wage 32.00 € plus incidental wage costs 36% = 43.50 €

****  moderate complexity – i.e. assembly module machine tool


In case of damages the customer cannot repair himself using this kind of guidance, K.REMOTE can be used for a much more detailed assessment of the damage than before. This has a hugely positive effect on spare part orders and repair times. Long downtimes due to a lack of spare parts or repair instructions are likely to be a thing of the past. We expect downtimes to be reduced to up to 50% in similar scenarios. Even greater savings are achieved by remote solutions in foreign assignments, where significantly lower travel costs and downtime become evident.


Handling complex assembly processes, usage of k.INSTRUCT shows great success in the context of induction times and worker replacement. The ASSEMBLY example shows that k.INSTRUCT yields profit after 0.6 if used by an average of five employees on an assembly line. Additional scaling effects due to further optimizations in production, such as major successes in the continuous improvement process, are not included.


The examples show the great potential of Smart Working Tools. As previously described, the foundation should be prepared to do so. Before projecting each of our Smart Working Tools, we examine appropriate business cases in cooperation with the customer and determine the individual amortization factors.


Consulting for digital transformation

Digital transformation affects technologies, processes and employees. A successful transformation without involving and motivating them for change could lead to strong friction. Questions about constant monitoring by smart glasses – always recording videos – or fears of job loss as a result of rationalization should be answered positively: First and foremost, our Smart Working Tools disentangle complex workflows, making them more transparent and reduce errors. In doing so, they prevent stress, lead to more satisfaction in the workplace and make companies more successful and competitive.


Our range of services

– Transformation consulting involving employees and work commitees

– Specification

– Examination and analysis of existing data (manuals, pdf, CAD, ERP and MES)

– Digitization of content, data, operations and processes

– Setup of back end, server- and cloud solutions

– Mobile Device Management (MDM)

– Installing security system

– Training employees and launch of pilot phase

– Transitioning into production

– Maintain and host the back end