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We have no philosophy – we have a clue


About marketing communication for demanding B-to-B customers

In our opinion, an agency does not need a philosophy in order to be able to successfully serve customers - it is rather something for philosophers. It needs strategic and technical ability, ideas, courage, customer orientation and a good portion of healthy pragmatism. So much for the general virtues. But as a technology agency, we need and have even more: technical understanding and the know-how of what makes the special markets and target groups in the capital goods industry tick.


As far as creativity is concerned, we keep it with our role model David Ogilvy, who has already said everything important on the subject with the core statement on advertising "It's not creative, until it sells". And as long as the principles of communication do not change fundamentally, that will remain the case. The Internet and the social media have not fundamentally changed anything about this either. The channel and the form of the message have changed, but not the message itself.


On this basis and with the advantage of our high-tech location in Braunschweig behind us, we develop strategies and measures for successful B-to-B communication. As a city of science and technology, Braunschweig is the ideal location for us, as we can study our customers' target groups on site at close quarters every day.


Best Place to be - B-to-B

kutscherkonzept is an owner-managed creative agency that has been developing marketing communication for technical products and industry goods with an innovative team of specialists since June 2000. Our clients come from corporate groups, medium-sized companies and institutions with a focus on the following industries


- Automotive

- Power Engineering

- Machine and plant construction

- Technical Services

- Traffic Engineering


According to our customers we are very creative, innovative and committed. We offer full-service solutions, implement individual projects and also work in teams with existing agency connections.


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